BattaBox hits the streets of London to ask people if spanking their child is wrong?

“Where I come from you have to give your child a slap for them to behave,” says one man. “But here, because of the social services, you have to be very careful.”

In the UK there are laws that prevent certain types of discipline by parents on their child, especially when it causes pain to the child. Otherwise known as corporal punishment, it can involve spanking your child, or striking them with a belt or slipper or hairbrush.

Social acceptance and laws in different countries around the world vary considerably but many international human rights organisations, such as the Committee on the Rights of the Child, advocate an end to all forms of corporal punishment. For example, in 1979, Sweden banned all physical punishment against children by parents, but in places such as Nigeria it is still very common.

On the streets of London it appears there are a considerable variety of views:

“It’s child abuse because it’s not nice to beat your child,” says one lady. “There are better ways to educate your child than spanking them.”

“Different countries have different ways of discipling their children,” says another lady.

What do you think – is spanking your child wrong?